Should the state of employees’ families and relationships be the concern of business?      

YES: Employees in failing or conflict-ridden relationships cost employers money.
  • The 1.2 million annual U.S. divorces cost taxpayers an estimated $30 billion in federal and state    


  • An estimated $6.8 billion a year is lost by American businesses due to decreased productivity

stemming from marriage and relationship difficulties.

  • Relationship conflict is the primary loss of productivity in the workforce, accounting for          

      30% of all sick time taken by employees.

  • Work factors experienced by employees in failing relationships: Increased absenteeism and presenteeism which may go unnoticed for long periods; Subsequent productivity changes to other co-workers; Decreased health - increased anxiety and stress; Increased health care utilization leading to insurance costs.
  • Divorce can disrupt productivity for up to three years.
  • For an average employee making $20/hour, the cost of a divorce to that employer is over $8,000.


Best business practices no longer ignore that the boardroom and the family room are mutually exclusive. Organizations can easily integrate skills-based relationship education into their wellness and professional development training plans with a calculated return-on-investment. Benefits can be seen in:

  • Loyalty of employees -- lower turnover, increased productivity and overall morale.
  • A healthier workforce -- improved immune system, increased healing time and decreased mortality rates with heart disease and cancer, and significant impact on depression and substance abuse  
  • Lower health insurance costs and tax liability
  • Better communication and problem-solving skills that are fluid between work and home

The Murney Clinic offers a one-of-a-kind training program, “Better Connections at Work & at Home” that blends solution-based communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and relational intelligence skills to impact the quality of relationships both at work and at home.                                                 

For information about training or other ways to implement relationship wellness into your organization, contact our Marketing Coordinator at 417-823-3469.          

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