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Teaching the Turtle Technique: Helping Children Learn to Stop and Think Before Acting in Anger or Aggression

Hosted by: The Murney Clinic
The event will start on: Friday, April 12, 2013 @ 12:00 PM
And will end on: Friday, April 12, 2013 @ 1:00 PM
Posted by: admin
1322 South Campbell Avenue

Description: Helping Children Learn to Stop and Think Before Acting in Anger or Aggression is about the turtle technique, which is an anger management intervention that allows “withdrawal (from confrontation), relaxation, and problem-solving” (Guetzloe & Rockwell, 1998, p. 157).  It is a cognitive behavioral technique that allows the individual to recognize the emotion, pause, breathe and brainstorm solutions, and respond (Feindler, 2009; Guetzloe & Rockwell, 1998; Joseph & Strain, 2010; Lentini, 2007; Rogy’s Learning Place, n.d.; Shapiro, 1994).  Similarly, Robin, Schneider, and Dolnick (1976, p. 449), characterized the components of the turtle technique as tucking (i.e., “‘Doing the Turtle’”), practicing relaxation techniques, generating solutions to the problem, and seeking social support from peers.  The tucking component—pulling legs, arms, and head to the body to mimic a turtle retracting into its shell—serves as a response blocking technique for aggressive behavior, as a child cannot tuck and hit or kick simultaneously.  Although most tucking involves lowering the head and drawing legs and arms near the body, individuals can choose multiple ways to tuck.  For instance, Guetzloe and Rockwell (1998) recommend when students are at their desks in a classroom that they hug their legs to their torso and put their arms over their heads on the desk.  They suggested students also can hug their limbs to their bodies, dropping their heads and looking away while standing.  Thus, the tucking component is emphasized among those with physical aggression issues.  In fact, Zentall (1989) conceptualized the turtle technique as being a motor intervention, with the word “turtle” providing a verbal cue to tuck.  The differences in conceptualization demonstrate the flexibility and adaptability of the turtle technique to the individual.  Because of the adaptability of the turtle technique, there are several variations of it (e.g., Feindler, 2009; Lentini, 2007), but all variations require the individual teaching it to be “firm, consistent, and persistent” (Guetzloe & Rockwell, 1998, p. 157).  The presentation materials will include resources for caregivers of children, including multiple free materials for teaching the technique.

This is a no cost Lunch & Learn on the topic of Teching the Turtle Technique: Helping Children Learn to Stop and Think Before Acting in Anger or Aggression. Please bring your lunch and join us from noon - 1pm as we present this topic. Convenient parking allows for easy access and affords participants the ability to be in and out of the “Lunch & Learn” quickly and back to work on time. For more information about the Lunch and Learn series call 417-865-8943.

Please enter through the south side door.

These are free lunch and learns and open to the community.

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